- Paper: Reves Lightweight Buff
 - Ink: Graphic Chemical Dark Green and Black oil based ink
 - Medium: Linoleum

The Imagery:
The idea is from a photograph of my two daughters, Meagan and Hannah, on
their way home from the park through a path in the woods.  My 11 year old
daughter, Hannah, has Autism, while my 12 year old Meagan is as normal as
any 12 year old can be.  The beauty of the image though comes from a brief
understanding of autism.  Autistic people find it very hard to show any
emotion and rarely, if ever, show any friendship or love at all.  For Hannah
to reach out and put her arm around her sister is a once in a lifetime rare
event, and to be able to capture it on film and then as a print is a miracle
in itself.  This print has become my all time favorite print, not only for
the quality of the carving, spacing, etc..but for the fleeting love it
depicts.  Hannah herself likes the print and at times I let her help me in
rolling out the ink and printing.  Actually, she enjoyed using the brayer,
putting it full flush in the ink and rolling it out all over the cutting
board, the counter and even the floor!  But, such is love, I let her get
away with it for awhile, until it looked the clean up job would be become a
total nightmare and mom would find out!