SIHAPESHIFTER     17 1/2 x 22 1/2 "  maple plywood
                                     Van Son ink on Tableau paper
    a found block  which has a knot hole  who enabled me to carve,
 with the grain, in a circle, around it . placing my u-gouge in the lighter
 grain and following it around and around     this is my "van gogh crow"
   she  has had many incarnations
         -as a  cover for Sept "81 issue of Aurora    -
 Maine Women for a Nuclear Free Future newsletter
         -as a limited edition of 30  black and white prints
 "-Mother Moon-Sister Crow", now sold out
         -as a limited edition  of 100  color prints-Mother Moon- Violet Crow
   and -as a specially re-carved edition
 (i carved my name into block for first time) for
  Baren Large Print
  Exchange, March 2002