Carved in Cherry -- four blocks
Printed in Daniel Smith oil based inks on Kitakata paper
hand printed with a wooden drawer knob

This print is based on a dream I had where a man stood at the edge of a
ruined village under a muted sky, but embroidered on his shirt were all
the elements of what should have been there--the homes, the trees, the
sun and  moon, even the water tower of his town.  I feel I dreamed this
because in reality we have  been involved in a battle with our town
fathers who are always looking for ways to make more money for
government operating expenses and their method is to sell off land to
developers, thereby changing the character of the village we live in.
 This is a historic town and there is a faction here who would be happy
to see it go the way of all towns.  In this dream I believe I was
experiencing the wasteland of the man's despair.  And there is an old
saying about not "wearing your heart on your sleeve".  But, in dreams we
do what we will do, and the man can't help it.  His heart is showing on
his sleeve.  (But since I dreamed the dream, it is my heart, too).