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LPE-III 01-sept-03 01-octobre-05


Coordinator : Princess Rashid  Mailing address :   3338 Millcrest Drive    
            email :                                 Jacksonville, FL 32277  



        Participants :
  BP     Barbara Patera  (
  DP     Dale Phelps     <>
  EG     Eli Griggs <>
  GG     Gatto Gillyin  (
  GZ     Gilda Zimmerling
  JC     Jeanne Norman Chase  (
  Jfp     John Center  (
  JT     Jan Telfer <>
  JR     Julio Rodriguez  (
  MK     Mary Kuster  (
  MR     Mellissa Read-Devine, Sidney Aust. (
  PR     Princess Rashid  (
  RS     Rudolf Stalder  (
  Sl     Sharen Linder  (



Hello everyone. Well its time to start preparing for our next BIG, BIG, BIG Print...

The LPE 3 deadline is October 1, 2005. So lets get cracking .. I mean cutting!

Yes there's time.. But you know our friend TIME.....

My name is Princess Rashid. I will be your friendly, neighborhood,

My email has changed again so if you need to contact me please use the one

So far there are 32 participants signed up. I have heard from a few new
Baren  people about participating. They will go on waiting list.

The deadline for Dropping out is August 1, 2005.

Sign-up until 1-september-03  
Deadline 01-octobre-05 (deadline will be firm)  
Format : maximum size 22" x 30" (minimum 16" x 20")  
Work must be sent in a "triangle" carton suitable for the return of works  
Include address label with return postage  
The theme will be open  
Either Hanga or Western relief prints are ok  





  Coordinator      Princess Rashid  
  Assistannce     Sharri LaPierre
        Rudolf Stalder
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